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Main Areas of Research

Dr. Wessel and the IMg Lab conduct research around three major areas of research:

Area 1: Stigma identity management. When and how do individuals decide to discuss their various social identities at work? What are the consequences? We all have a multitude of identities that make up our self-concept, and make choices everyday as to how we communicate our identities to others. Our lab examines these choices and focuses on individuals with stigmatized identities, whose choices can be constrained by societal forces and can drastically affect the ways in which they are perceived by others.

Area 2: Our Identity at Work. What does it mean to behave authentically at work? What are the consequences of bringing your "whole" authentic self with you into a situation? How do our identities at work affect how we interact and cooperate with others? We explore these questions in a wide range of contexts including large corporations, fraternities/sororities, and the halls of Congress.

Area 3: Confronting Prejudice. How can we have productive conversations about racism, sexism and other "isms"? We examine the effects of being confronted with one's own prejudiced actions or thoughts, exploring ways to create more restorative interactions rather than hostile, defensive ones.