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Lab Director

Dr. Jennifer L. Wessel (Ph.D., Michigan State University) is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Maryland in College Park. Her research uses both laboratory and field designs to examine obstacles facing individuals at work who are in the minority or otherwise marginalized, with the overarching goal of providing high-quality research that can help organizations meet the needs of individuals from diverse backgrounds, as well as provide individuals from diverse backgrounds with tools to thrive personally and professionally at work. Her work has been published in peer-reviewed journals such as Journal of Applied Psychology, Academy of Management Review, Psychology of Women Quarterly, Sex Roles, Journal of Social Issues, and others. Her research has been funded by the Society for Human Resource Management, the Social Science Research Council, the Hewlett Foundation, and the Democracy Fund.

Wessel CV - updated 5/2019


Graduate Advisees

Sara Barth is a fifth year graduate student broadly interested in diversity & discrimination issues in the workplace. More specifically, she is interested in studying the experiences of marginalized groups and stigmatized individuals. In addition, she has an interest in how employees manage their diverse identities in the workplace with a focus on how to optimize interactions where these identities are discussed.


Jae Eun Lee is a third year graduate student who is primarily interested in diversity and inclusion in the workplace and institutions. She is particularly interested in investigating various forms of discrimination women of color experience in organizations. Her other research interests include examining how organizations’ handling of sexual misconduct within organizations affect their members’ sense of belonging.


Rewina Bedemariam is a first-year graduate student whose research area revolves around diversity and bias in organizations, the use of big data in I/O Psychology and discriminatory algorithms in recruitment and selection processes. She is also interested in multicultural teams, leadership and technology-mediated HRM.



Undergraduate Research Assistants

Zenab Abubakari, Kobe Adolph, Caroline Adkins, Grace Chen, Morgan Grizzle (undergraduate lab manager), Matthew Hailemariam, Yihua Lee, Reyan Sheikh, Nirmeen Shumpert, Michael Spooner


Former Lab Members

Olivia Antezana, Lubna Barakat, Korie Broadwater-Allen, Romulus Castelo (University of Minnesota Psychology PhD Program), Emily Forgo (UMD Psychology PhD Program), Maddie Gresh, Taniyia Harvey (George Washington University Psychology PhD program), Nia-Imani Heslop (Organizational Strategy Analyst at Korn Ferry), Aliyyah Johnson (George Washington University Psychology PhD Program), Tenni Idler (Business Development Manager, Finance and Accounting at HireStrategy), Emily Kim (Research Assistant/Project Coordinator at Georgetown University Medical Center), Erin Koppel, Sam Lipsky (Talent Management Program Manager at Gartner), Chsiom Onweugbu, Keana Richards (UPenn Psychology PhD Program), Abby Ridgeway, Michael Stavros (Loyola University Maryland Clinical Masters Program),  Kim Krueger (UMD I/O Masters Program), Alison Venooker (Field Sales and Marketing Representative - Leadership Development Program at Techtronic Industries), Rose Villatoro (UMD I/O Masters Program)